ENST 489Z: Water Management in Urban Environment (Fall Semesters)

In this course we will explore: (1) relevant processes in pathways and fluxes of water in urban areas; (2) urban water balance and consequences of urbanization; (3) effects of climate and hydrology; (4) quantity and quality of urban runoff and sources of pollution; (5) ecological quality and processes associated with urban water; (6) design and planning for water quality and quantity management in urban water systems; and (7) engineered and ecologically engineered alternatives for stormwater management.

ENST 689P: Water and Development: a Global Challenge (Spring Semesters)

This course offers a multidisciplinary investigation of water systems development and management through real-world case studies. It will develop the concepts and skills needed to design effective policies for developing and managing water resources and derivative services (e.g. water-food-energy nexus, water supply and sanitation, irrigation, flood protection, navigation, hydropower and environmental services).